What is "Shaka"?

Shaka Fitness incorporates the laid back, relaxed, and athletic feel of the West Coast surfer culture with the grit and landscape of beautiful Cleveland, Ohio. shakaoutline

“Shaka” is Hawaii’s most well-known hand gesture and often referred to as “hang loose."  Shaka Fitness owner, Kelly Pierce said, “The shaka is a symbol of the “Aloha spirit,” which brings together the mind and body to think and exude good feelings.   It is also means welcome, no worries, hang loose and have fun, which is all a big part of the mission at Shaka Fitness.” 

It’s a greeting like hello, and also a way to say thank you.  With a training focus on stand-up paddling that incorporates all types of workouts, this playful, exploratory, and friendly name perfectly embraces the energy of the company and our offerings.  The Shaka symbolizes a communal spirit that is created in coming together to support one another throughout the challenges presented by this totally new activity.  

We encourage you to embrace the “Shaka Spirit” and wave a “hang loose” to start or end class as a reminder to let go, be playful and share your good vibes.  

About Shaka Fitness Founder: Kelly Pierce

Kelly is a certified personal trainer, yoga instructor, Paddlefit SUP coach and Glide SUP yoga instructor. She is passionate about finding new ways to stay active that engage both the mind and body for sustained results.  This desire prompted her to launch paddle boarding based training in Cleveland in a year-round capacity.  Her enthusiasm, professionalism, and generally patient and kind attitude allows participants at every level to engage and enjoy all the ways Shaka Fitness approaches working out.  Kelly is a Glide SUP ambassador and an active member of the Glide SUP yoga community.     


  • Stand-Up Paddle Board Yoga Instructor
  • Paddlefit Level 1
  • RYT200
  • NCSF Certified Personal Trainer

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